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How Much Does a Lie Detector Cost?

October 24, 2011

Many People ask “How much does a lie detector cost?”

Lie detectors come in different types and prices. The price depends completely on what type of lie detector you are looking for. Lie detector costs can be broken down into different categories. You can buy a polygraph machine yourself, outsource the test to a professional or buy voice analysis software.

Polygraph machines that monitor all signs of lying such as heart rate, sweating and voice analysis usually run over $10,000 and even cheaper models can be bought directly from china for around $4000. Most of these models are big and bulk and require many different connections that need to be applied to the target in order to get accurate readings.

You can outsource the job to a professional that already has purchased the machine which will reduce the lie detector cost to around $500 to $1000 dollars and up. This would only be a onetime deal so if you needed to retest someone or test someone else you would need to pay this price again. This would be ideal if you wanted to clear someone of a suspicion or confirm one but not if you use it regularly for hiring, insurance claims or other frequent use.

Lie detector software such as eX-Sense by Home Polygraph uses voice analysis only which is very useful for anyone wanting to analyze someone with or without their knowledge. It can be used again and again for any purpose you can imagine. By detecting uncontrollable changes in the voice that most people are unaware of, you can get a good idea if someone is lying or not. For a lifetime license to install one on your PC and get a phone adapter you would pay $149.00 for a standard home version or $900 for a Business or professional version.

How much does a lie detector Cost?

It all depends on what you need… For a unit that you can use without having to hook up someone to a sophisticated and expensive machine, a LVA or Layered Voice Analysis software like eX-Sense by home polygraph is a cost effective choice.


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