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Lie Detector Software That Can Help You Hire Better Employees

Not all the information supplied by a prospective employee can be correct on every occasion. There may be some people who have given false references, data, etc. To be able to identify all these, the lie detector software is the best option. It can be used live at the time of conducting interviews and if the interviewee is not telling the truth about something, the same can be identified very easily.

Lie detector software is sold by many different companies. When deciding which brand to choose be aware of the following things:

1. The lie detector software should be effective.
2. It should complement most of the equipment or systems that are already in place.
3. The results of the lie detector software should be easy to understand and decipher.

It’s important that people you hire adhere to certain standards.

Lie detector software which has been designed after many years of research will give the best results when used in such matters.

Instead of settling for someone who is not fit for the post, make sure that the most appropriate candidate is chosen.

The lie detector software is available for two purposes; one is for household use and the other for risks.

The later one is apt for professional use. A lot of institutions bring on the services of a separate entity or expert to find out information about potential employees and this software can save a lot of money and time by letting you know right away so it’s use has increased in recent years.

It can be used by making the candidate aware of its presence or otherwise as it identifies the changes in excitement levels and lets the interviewer know whether the person is being truthful or not. To develop such software is not an easy job and people have spent a lot of time so as to design one that has multiple uses. One just needs to change the mode in order to use it for different purposes.

The software can also be used to record conversations and play it at a later time to identify the intentions of the person. This way, one can even take some time and then arrive at a decision only when convinced.

Any employer is responsible for providing a secure environment to the employees. Though the external factors cannot be controlled, one can take care to see that people with dubious background should not be employed. The software is correct 99% of the time and hence, is the best choice. This lie detector software is available in a business or professional edition for $900 or a home version for $129 and can last for a long time to comea. When it is compared to its usability, the software is worth the price. Think about the cost to rehire and retrain an employee
It has been used even in many businesses so as to provide safety and get an edge over competition. One can get to know how to enter into better deals and become successful. The happenings in an office can also be tracked very easily.

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How Much Does a Lie Detector Cost?

Many People ask “How much does a lie detector cost?”

Lie detectors come in different types and prices. The price depends completely on what type of lie detector you are looking for. Lie detector costs can be broken down into different categories. You can buy a polygraph machine yourself, outsource the test to a professional or buy voice analysis software.

Polygraph machines that monitor all signs of lying such as heart rate, sweating and voice analysis usually run over $10,000 and even cheaper models can be bought directly from china for around $4000. Most of these models are big and bulk and require many different connections that need to be applied to the target in order to get accurate readings.

You can outsource the job to a professional that already has purchased the machine which will reduce the lie detector cost to around $500 to $1000 dollars and up. This would only be a onetime deal so if you needed to retest someone or test someone else you would need to pay this price again. This would be ideal if you wanted to clear someone of a suspicion or confirm one but not if you use it regularly for hiring, insurance claims or other frequent use.

Lie detector software such as eX-Sense by Home Polygraph uses voice analysis only which is very useful for anyone wanting to analyze someone with or without their knowledge. It can be used again and again for any purpose you can imagine. By detecting uncontrollable changes in the voice that most people are unaware of, you can get a good idea if someone is lying or not. For a lifetime license to install one on your PC and get a phone adapter you would pay $149.00 for a standard home version or $900 for a Business or professional version.

How much does a lie detector Cost?

It all depends on what you need… For a unit that you can use without having to hook up someone to a sophisticated and expensive machine, a LVA or Layered Voice Analysis software like eX-Sense by home polygraph is a cost effective choice.

Lie Detector Test Online: Accuracy

Most voice analyzers out on the web today claims to be very accurate but their performance are not. Instead of displaying understandable results it shows otherwise. You might be faced with a complicated graph that even an original polygraph operator cannot comprehend. What do you expect from free software? What you need to do is to purchase a lie detector test online from a reliable source that promises higher accuracy rate.

Lie detector test online: Precision guaranteed

One type of software comes to the scene: The eX-Sense Pro Business Edition that delivers comprehensive and 99.9% accurate results. This lie detector software displays a color-coded synchronized text-style analysis that will help you determine the truth that can eventually lead the conversation into a good direction.
This software can record and replay the sessions using the “Emotion Player” which is stored in a database, so the users can easily retrieve it. It analyzes all sorts of aspects in human emotion like hesitation, excitement, fluctuating voice patterns, and others, which are the basis in analyzing truthfulness on the subject.

The tested and proven lie detector test online

Many websites sell different kinds of lie detecting softwares that claim to be very accurate but only delivers half of what they promise. To be sure, check out lie detector test online trial versions; but you have to be very vigilant as most of them give out free trials that you can use only for a period of time.
The website that sells eX-Sense Pro shows screenshots, videos, and detailed descriptions of the software itself and you won’t have to ask around or do more research on the product as everything you have to know are in front of your eyes.
The website shows actual videos from famous reality shows that have used the eX-Sense Pro where it has proven its accuracy. Therefore, a trial version is immaterial as many famous celebrities already did the testing for you live on national television.

Is a lie detector test online it worth it?

Whenever you call your husband and ask where he is at the moment and you think that there’s a big possibility that he benefits that you can get from it. There is no need to hire a private investigator to know if he is really telling the truth about his whereabouts.
Big companies consider this software as a vital tool in dealing with suppliers and clients over the phone. They can use this during interviews to determine an applicant’s sincerity towards employment. Purchasing the best lie detector test online can make companies save time and money on rehiring or retraining employees.
With an innovation such as this helpful software, nothing would seem impossible. Finding answers to your questions and concerns could come expensive but what you have to understand the advantages that it offers are very extensive in scope. No other tool gives this much and the efforts exerted to make it one good lie detection measure are real that is why it was carefully engineered for consumers like you.

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Lie Detector Software That You Can Trust

Lie Detector software detects inaccuracies in the voice patterns in a conversation thereby determining if a person is lying or not.

This is widely used by government or organizations that aim to determine honesty in a person’s character and behavior. This age has come to know lie detector software that takes the place of the old versions of polygraph apparatuses that have gone obsolete. While its predecessor has used a live person in juicing out some truths, this innovation uses only a person’s voice to get to the gist of the story. The revolutionary software is available on the web that allows you to detect lies from the people whom you are talking either on the phone or online. It is called the eX-Sense Home Polygraph and eX-Sense Pro Business Edition.

Lie detection software: Benefits

The eX-Sense Home Edition is very affordable for users who only want to utilize them for personal reasons and has a special mode of operation that is the newest feature in voice analyzing, is the Love Mode. As the name says, it analyzes and interprets the other party’s feelings before they have stated their intentions. It does not need much calibration as it is ready to use upon activation.

On the other hand, the eX-sense Pro Business Edition offers even more. Many companies use it, which needs security in their business transactions. It is also the best application to use when screening new employees; it determines the sincerity of the applicants during an interview. It has a Digital Emotion Analyzer that provides an in depth analysis of the general stress patterns, hesitations, excitement and other dynamics used by this application to give it a 99% accurate result.

Lie detection software: Suitability

Being practical is a very good attitude, but there are times when cheaper is not always better. Cheaper and substandard products may lack in some things needed to better maximize a product’s usefulness. It is important to know the qualities of each version that can help you in determining the version that suits your requirements.
The eX-Sense Home Edition lie detector software is more affordable than the Business Edition and simpler when compared. An ordinary housewife can operate it in a few minutes after reading the instructions. There are only two modes of operation that and it depends on the user which one to use. It displays a more technical analysis after each conversation.
The eX-Sense Pro Business Edition in contrast is highly preferred by businessmen as it can help them make important decisions basing everything on accurate information gathered on the graph. It is easy to operate like the other program but has a more elaborate graphic display. Each conversation is carefully studied and features the Digital Emotion Analyzer that can deduce something out of the hesitation, stress, excitement and mental effort of the person on the other end of the line.
Lie detection software: Other functions

Some products have more than one use and this is why consumers flock to buy them. Functionality comes second to quality when it comes to selecting the best product for you to use. Here are detailed functions that would make you want to buy this software:
· Person to Person – By using your portable PCs microphone, activate the lie detector software prior to conducting interviews or when having an important conversation. You could also decide to let the other person know or not depending on how you conduct the whole proceedings.

· Recorded or Live Phone Calls -Telephone conversations will easily be recorded because of its quality. Once the dialogue is finished and recorded, you can have ample time to thoroughly analyze the whole conversation.

Speeches on Television – You can analyze live television speeches or record the whole coverage. You can use it on speeches of government officials, their statements on sensitive issues or political disputes, or featured interviews on controversial people.